in Aragatsotn, Ararat

Each of us has his own preferences and preferences in every area of ​​life. Similarly, when it comes to food choices, everyone has their favorite dishes and flavor combinations. Food has always been a source of energy, it can transmit positive energy and affect the mood of the whole day.
Tired of having lunch in Yerevan? This time I would like to introduce you to new places near Yerevan where you can arrange a quick visit and lunch.
The places set aside for you preserve the cultural traditions of Armenia, share them with the guests. Here you can taste dishes from Armenian cuisine, as well as get acquainted with a wide range of Armenian wine.
It is not just a list of restaurants where I have eaten, but unique places that excel in their hospitality and fireworks of Armenian dishes.


Aragatsotn region

We are going to Aragatsotn region, Ashtarak city. Before you order your meal, Mrs. Hrisime will present the 200-year history of her home ․ The cellar that forms the basis of the “Tatoyents Tun” building was built in 1837, right here you can taste delicious dishes with wine.

Mrs. Hripsime introduced me to the process of making the old Armenian sweet, sujukh. I found out that sweet sujuk is an old Armenian sweet. It is usually prepared in the fall, when the nuts and fruits ripen. The walnut in Ashtarak is so famous that it is mentioned in folk songs, and you can notice a walnut in everyone’s yard.

Divide the nuts, twist the needle twice and make a knot. The nuts are threaded on a needle. Put the threads with walnuts in the syrup and pour the syrup on it with a spoon. After soaking, carefully remove, if you want to cover with a thicker layer, soak it in syrup several times. Sujukh dries in 10-15 days, it is a good opportunity to return to Ashtarak.


Tel. +374 96 11 21 49, Karen Hakobyan

Facebook: @TatoentsQotuk


Aragatsotn region

The balcony of the  Hin Ashtarak (Old Ashtarak) has a history of 150 years and still stands. Dalar says that the restaurant was founded by her husband Hovik Aroyan and her husband’s family.

In this place you can taste the best dishes of Armenian-Syrian cuisine, here master classes of Nashli Kufta are organized.

You book in advance and come to try the cheese press, ashil blbul, jayfura and many other delicious things.


Tel. +374 77 42 49 88, Dalar Zakaryan

Facebook: @HinAshtarak


Ararat region

Before eating, they will organize a short tour of the vineyards for you, tell the story of their traditional Armenian family. Harut’s grandfather Jivan moved from Vayots Dzor to Ararat and brought a grape vine to continue the winemaking tradition.

Today Harut produces wine from the grapes planted by Grandpa Jivan called “Jivan”. He continues the family legacy with great enthusiasm ․ It turns out that when the grandfather was born, his father was already ill, so he  planted a grape vine, and told his wife ․ “Let Jivan grow up, let him enjoy my love through this grape vine.”

Here you can use your own experience to bottle wine and post a label. Lunch is ready, we go up to the kitchen.


Tel. +374 94 05 72 09, Harutyun Hovhannisyan

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