in Kotayk


You will have noticed that when we have guests from abroad, we always take them to Garni, I don’t know why it always turns out that way. They are photographed in all corners of the temple, and at the end they buy dry gata, although the seller swore with the neighbor’s children, the only domestic rabbit in the house, that it was the freshest gata in the area. Then we and the guests feel great, and we are waiting for the next year, the same guests and maybe Garni again? The direction is Garni. This time we say no to the same trip to Garni ․․․ We forget Trdat I, Emperor Nero and the information in Wikipedia. The minibus starts from the beginning of the narrow street on the right side of the Mercedes car showroom. There is no time fee, you pay 250 drams, and when the bus is full, it starts. And this happens every 20 minutes. The speed of the bus was 5 km/h. It was possible to get down and walk to Garni.


Tourism consultation: I found the tourist information center, honest staff, only they were very surprised when they learned that I had decided to go for a walk in Garni without seeing a temple.

Fish menu: I am standing in front of “Garni Ishkhanots” restaurant. Delicious fish menu, as well as home-made compote and pickles. The compote is so delicious that 7000-8000 cans are made for customers annually. They have an interesting approach, here it will never occur to you that they will serve another fish or another compote, you know why, because they do everything in front of your eyes.

After a little chatter and questions about the fish, I was escorted to a fish farm. I arrived at the moment when the red trout had entered the area of ​​the little ishkhans (very famous Armenian fish) from the nearby pool, and if we had not removed it, there would have been no alive fish left in the morning.I played with fish, my brain calmed down, I started to look at life positively ․ It was all therapy.

We turn wood into art: I reached Mashtots street 33/1 Piliposyan Gevorg’s house, for many years a pedagogue, carpenter and sculptor grandfather turned wood into works of art. I learned that you can get a cleaner job on hardwood, and wood, as a person has a character, you have to let him teach you.Grandpa Gevorg makes a variety of things, from souvenirs to jewelry boxes, by the way, the whole family has something to do with art, and when you visit them, you will definitely have a cultural day. Yes, by the way, you will be greeted by the little, loud Masha, do not be deceived by her appearance, she is a real lion, brave, hunter-loyal.


Master classes: And the revelation of the day was ” Noah’s Garden”, where the whole day was spent. A wonderful place, here guests are offered various master classes.

Vodka distillation, woodwork, pottery, carpet weaving, dry weaving, in my case dry eating. In this same place you can see 13th-14th century jars, which were found in this area. Watching the master classes is free, but participation is 1000 AMD. Well, I decided it was time to find my hidden talent, which is still well hidden. After taking the above-mentioned master classes, I realized that I was born for carpet weaving. If the woodworking did not work out,  this one I understood immediately. By the way, the masters were very kind, they were endowed with exceptional patience.


Before I came back to Yerevan, I walked in Garni, asked the locals where to go, they all said in unison the temple of Garni, the Symphony of Stones.

At the end of the day I am standing in front of Garni temple with a gata in my hand.


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