in Lori, Syunik, Tavush, Vayots Dzor, Yerevan

By visiting Armenia, you can enjoy the still unfamiliar taste and aroma of the country and have a wonderful time in a warm and welcoming environment. And then leave impressed with the intention of returning to Armenia again. By the way, adventure in Armenia is no less attractive; here, everyone can find a recipe for adventures with a suitable dose. Extreme recreation options to enjoy the adventure tale. There are various offers here; all you have to do is choose the one close to you, enjoy it and infect us all with your bright feelings.

Rafting – a natural adrenaline

Are you looking for adventure, adrenaline, and indescribable memories? The destination is the Lori region. You will go rafting on the Debed river in the green Lori region of Armenia; the length is 12 km, and the duration is 1 hour and 20 minutes. In the price of Rafting in Armenia (tel. +374 94 129013) and Rafting Republic (tel. +37477 090916) services property provision, experienced instructors, and insurance are included.

1 hour and 20 minutes will last a moment. You should go rafting once in your life because, in a short time, you will get incredible, diverse emotions, you can see beautiful corners of nature along the river, you will understand the level of physical fitness and simply enjoy contact with nature.

Oh, I forgot, definitely take a change of clothes with you. Girls, rafting does not like makeup.

Canyoning, conquering canyons

It happens that the impressions of the trip exceed your real expectations; canyon adventures are just one of those series. Canyoning combines hiking, rock climbing, and an active route of cold water packed with a ribbon of bright emotions.

Canyoning is one of the wettest extreme entertainment options.

Location: Satan’s Bridge, Syunik Region, about 4 hours away from Yerevan, 2-2.5 hours of adventures await ahead, during which you will descend with a rope, jump into the water from a height of 5 meters, slide down natural water slides and of course swim.

For those who have to try it for the first time, let me inform you that the skilled instructor of Scream of soul (tel: +37493 835959) will introduce some rules at the beginning of canyoning, following which you will get a large dose of adrenaline, pleasure from the process and the beautiful landscape that opens before you, which can only be seen thanks to this sport.

The canyoning will start from a height of about 20 meters, going down with a rope. Believe me, it is worth going down 100 meters just for the view. All fears and panics disappear. You pay20,000 AMD (48 euros) per person.

And only below can you understand why the local residents considered this place built by the hand of the devil. Natural bridges are among the fantastic monuments of nature that have been formed over the centuries.

Zipline – a bundle of emotions

Here, anyone can feel like a hero; it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in extreme, amateur, or professional types of entertainment seasoned with different difficulties are available to everyone; all you have to do is choose where to start. The offer is excellent in Byurakan ZipWine, located in Byurakan, which is 25 km from Yerevan, if you like wine, it includes a wine-tasting center, and the price of the ticket is 8000 AMD (19 euros).

The longest zipline in Armenia is situated in Kapan (+37493 212000), and it will take you 5 hours to get there. Still, the beauty of the road will keep you from getting bored. This zipline also differs from others in the world in that it passes over the city and the interstate. The ticket price is 15,000 AMD (35,90 EUR).

Yell Extreme park in Yenokavan: (+374 41 010030). Located in the village of Yenokavan, Tavush region, 142 km from Yerevan. The price of an adventure ticket is 20,000 AMD (48 euros) for adults and 16,000 AMD (38,50 euros) for children under 13. The key is an opportunity to use the zipline within 1 day, trials from the park, and the via Ferrata. 5 different rope jumps at 150-200m with lengths of 135m, 200m, 268m, 375m, and 750m. )

In Tsakhkadzor (+374 43 292900) it reaches 130 meters at the highest point, and the cost of the flight is 10.000 AMD.

 In Tatev (+37444 166911) the runway length is 2.5 km, the height is 126-127m, and 12.000 AMD (28.75 euros) per person in Dilijan and, of course, in Yerevan (Yerevan Zipline Airlines. The length of the first runway is approximately 870m. The size of the second runway is 650m. . The runway is the only one in Ashgabat that passes under the bridge. The ticket price is 14,000 AMD (€33.50).

First, before the flight, they will be introduced to the safety rules and conditions of participation. Indescribable scenes unfold during the flight. By the way, every flight has its own set of feelings, but they are never repeated; if you have time, try a few, and you will see what I am talking about.

Hiking-enjoying nature in cms

The mountainous country offers a variety of hiking options for everyone.

Armenia is unique: legends, myths, traditions, stories, scenes, and a sense of mystery. While traveling here, we meet places with beautiful names and stories. Suppose you want to be close to the legends. In that case, I recommend including Azhdahak, Aragats, and Khustup mountains in your to-do list, which will remain in your memory for a long time with their unusual beauty and captivating qualities. Most of the year, Azhdahak is covered with snow, and there is a beautiful crater lake. Among the most stunning mountains are Aragats, whose northern peak is the highest point in Armenia, and Khustup, which rises in Syunik. The phrase “be blinded by beauty” can only be understood in these mountains. I don’t know how to convey to you a piece of the magnificence of mountainous Armenia; again and again, I choose colors and shades in my mind, but to no avail. These are the places that are talked about silently, feeling. Camping clubs are in great demand for both foreigners and locals; I recommend Armenian Geographic (+37443 005165), ArmLand (+374 44 880058), North Peak mountain club (+37493850385), Trichq (+374 96 814211), Chanaparhord (+374 91 321211), Armenian Discovery (+374 94 113989) Hatis (+37493 554595) clubs. I’m also sharing with you the HikeArmenia (+374 11 445326 ) hiking app, ready-made routes with short descriptions. It’s convenient, and you don’t need money to download it; it’s free. You can also use the service of a mountain guide through the mobile application; all you have to do is choose the hike’s direction and difficulty.

  In 2018, CNN Travel compiled a list of the best trekking routes, including Armenia, which, according to the author, is home to some of the best trekking routes in Europe. The Transcaucasian Trail – an 11-day trek will allow you to get to know the best routes of Armenia and the Silk Road, which unites the UNESCO-protected Sanahin and Haghpat monastic complexes, passing through mountain trails and green through the forests, giving the opportunity to carry out a campaign in the Geghama mountains and overcome the height of Aragats.

 I’m also sharing two platforms: (Address: Hr. Kochar 7), through which you can fill in fewer tourist properties, and (address Artsakh 1), where you can also rent the necessary equipment. Only those products that are in high demand are presented on the websites. You can get acquainted with the complete range by visiting the store.

Armenia from a bird’s eye view

If you’ve experienced paragliding, you know that every flight has unique memories, and you don’t need wings to fly. A few seconds and you appear 1000 meters above the ground. The panic also disappears after the 3rd minute of the flight. Indescribable, beautiful, and unrepeatable scenes open up from an unknown dimension.

It is difficult for me to share the feelings I experienced because they are very different for all jumpers. I lost track of time in the sky. I realized that a paraglider is like a bird in the sky. And, like anything, the sky has a character. It is often very kind and affectionate, but a careless and reckless attitude can change a lot. And if you “win the heart” of the sky, it will give countless and unrepeatable joys and moments.

To soar calmly at an altitude of 1000 meters, you can contact Sky Club Armenia (+37498055119) and Aero club -Armenia paragliding club (+37498002828). By paying 45-55.000 AMD (107.80-131.75 euros), the price includes transportation and shooting with a GoPro camera), you will enjoy every bit of the view that opens in front of you. Finally, you will breathe “freedom.” Almost every day, you can discover Armenia in all its beauty, but it is more beautiful from a bird’s eye.

Diving into the deep

You move 60 km from Yerevan and find yourself in one of the world’s largest freshwater lakes, Sevan. It is a beautiful place for high-altitude diving. We have about 250 types of vegetation and fish species under the water, which are found only in Sevan. Dive in and see everything you can’t see in other places. If you want to teach technical diving, Sevan is the most suitable place to start because the location, water temperature, and depth are appropriate, ArmDiving will help you in this matter(+374 91 40-93-20 ). Water permeability varies depending on the season and weather conditions but can reach up to 4-10 meters. By the way, there are stromatolites at the bottom of the lake, considered one of the first living organisms in the world. There are very few places left where stromatolites are still preserved.

Water adventures do not end there; you will see young people engaged in windsurfing and wakeboarding in Sevan. Stay bold, and come closer; they will direct you to Armenian Camp, (+37499 003991), where you can rent a suitable property. I forgot kayaking and windsurfing are also possible here. Are you thinking of spending a day in Sevan? Of course. I assure you that you won’t get bored, as long as you have warm clothes, it gets cold in the evening.

An adventure-filled journey into the bowels of the earth

If you are a lover of extreme, a fan of the beautiful, or a lover of tranquility, then cave trekking is for you. You should plan a cave trip at least once in your life. In the Vayots Dzor Marz, which is almost 2 hours away from Yerevan, you can visit several caves at once: Trchunneri, Areni-1 cave, or Magelin, one of the largest caves in Armenia, the beauty of which will remain in your heart for a long time. Caving expeditions in Armenia are carried out by Arm Speleo Team AST (+37495 597585), Armenian Speleo Club: Black Bat (+37477 966115) clubs.

Maybe that one time will become continuous, but if not, it will be an exciting experience, the likes of which you have never had, new feelings that only caves can cause.

The taste of Armenia, jumping

If you like extreme sports and feel the taste of life by taking risks, we definitely include rope jumping in your trip. The Scream of Soul will familiarize you with the safety rules. Are you ready to jump? 20. 000 AMD (48 euros) per person, without transportation. The gorge called Dzhokkh Dzor, where the flights are carried out is close to Yerevan. By the way, the rocks here are also suitable for rock climbing; I know you are surprised, being a mountainous country, rock climbing is a newly developing branch here.

The high cliffs favor offering more sustainable rock climbing packages to our friends in the country in the future. Of course, we have a rock climbing community; you can get to know them through the Armenian Federation of Alpinism and Mountain Tourism (+37498911000). It is essential to understand that the Federation carries out rescue registrations; you can tell them your coordinates and calmly go in the direction of your choice.

And in general, if you have any questions, you can call all the clubs mentioned above; remember, we are ready to help you and make your vacation unforgettable. You shouldn’t forget that you were a guest before you came to Armenia, but here, you are a member of our big family.

Photo by Hrachuhi Ayvazyan

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