in Lori

It’s unlikely that the torrent of emotions that I felt would happen if the discovery of the
day hadn’t been Zarni-Parni. A place where you can thoroughly enjoy a cup of wine
accompanied with the landscape opening right in front of you. Nature: looking at which
you understand that there are no alike trees, no exact colours to go with it, they are
plentiful, splendid, yet at the same time – unique. I was hungrily devouring the view, and
if it had called to me, I would forget everything in the world and go to it – even forgetting
about the existence of Karov Apur (Soup with a piece of stone in it). The temptation of
the nature was strong…

If you look very attentively you will see The Kayan Fortress rising in front of you. Up to
this day the castle isn’t very well researched: turns out that during Middle Ages there
were two Kayan Fortresses – one in Lori, near Haghpat, and one in Aghstev Valley. And
the fates of those two have been different.

The Kayan Fortress

Let’s get back to Zarni-Parni. This medieval cave castle complex is the new branch of
tourism in Lori. The monument on the above – “Parni”, was used as a hiding place.
During the enemy attacks the manuscripts and the goods of Haghpatavank were being
hidden here.

A dome spring was found in the cave-castle. And the examination of water revealed that
it’s crystal clean. The water is poured into stone containers and if you wish so, you may
drink it using the cups placed next to it. By the way, the folklore has a legend that this
water was used to treat many diseases.

After the lush landscape consisting of dense forests, the hospitality left me pleasantly


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