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Gyumri is a city rich in exceptional people and history, if you are here once, it will always make you come back. The first opera house, dowry house, doors and windows, places for shooting famous Armenian films, castles, museums and many other interesting events, for which it is worth coming to Gyumri. I often visit this place myself, why? Because Gyumri is never repeated.


From the stops: The first is Shale Gyumri. Exclusive photos, books and items only tell about the city’s past. And as the founder of Shale would say ․ “All of Alexandrpol in one suitcase”. While exploring the walls, do not be surprised if you see the first female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova, yes, she worked in Gyumri. And one wall is dedicated to “New Armenia”, but in 1928, I will not comment. The fact that in this place, thanks to photos and household items, one can get acquainted with a traditional Armenian sitting and an ax, is not all there is. A little far from the Shale you can see bathing cats and Armenian gamprs. And if you are an animal lover like me, you will be allowed to feed and love them. It is a very interesting place, under one roof live cats, dogs, rabbits and a bull named Million, who looks more like a loyal dog. I tried to feed him, but he did not come near until the master called.

Gyumri has a powerful cultural biography, everyone knows that it was a city of arts and crafts. If you decide to stay one more day, plan to go to the theater in the evening, and if you do not stay, be sure to visit Gyumri St. Alikhanyan Puppet Theater, which was created in 1935 as the first state children’s theater in Armenia. And the first performances were “The Monkey and the Mirror”, “Revolutionary Tanya”. In addition to being greeted by the theater staff, they will also make you a participant in the play. You will have the opportunity to create a short presentation with your own content through dolls. My performance did not stand out in content, but it was very happy. Here they will tell how the performances are staged, and the most curious people will be shown the technique of making a doll.


Gyumri: everything is unique, here everything is reinterpreted and presented in a new way. Unfortunately, many yard games have been forgotten today, but not in Gyumri. The forgotten hall can be considered one of the business cards of Gyumri today. The boys from Gyumri returned their childhood, and for the foreigners – colors and smiles. Today, the Armenian hall can be found not only in Armenia, but also in different parts of the world.

I am in the territory of the central Kumayri-reserve museum in Gyumri, on Varpetats street, in the basement of the monument-writer-museum of writer Hovhannes Shiraz. The initiative I am going to talk about is called “Zana”. It is located in an area of ​​three basements of this building, which has a separate entrance from the museum. The choice of name is not accidental. “Zana” was an expression of tenderness and tenderness in the families of Gyumri. The father of the family, the grandfather, called the house girl Zana instead. Here you can take photos in Armenian costume, as I did.

“Mariam and Yeranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters Gallery” is one of the unique galleries in the Republic of Armenia, where the complete collection of paintings, graphics and pottery of Mariam and Yeranuhi Aslamazyan sisters is located.

In the gallery you can get acquainted with the artistic styles and techniques used by the Aslamazyan sisters. On a small ceramic plate you can get one of the sisters’ works with your own experience, and then take it with you as a souvenir.


The best way to get from Yerevan to Gyumri is by train, you are in Gyumri in 3 hours and 20 minutes.


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Traditional cuisine – One of the important features of Gyumri is the traditional cuisine. This time I chose the “Old Armenia” house-restaurant to eat, which is located right in the square. Here you can try a number of interesting but forgotten Armenian dishes, about which you have heard but never tried. The Armenian spirit is everywhere in this city.

The architecture –  one can endlessly talk about the architecture of Gyumri. The architecture took its style from Kars, “quite similar buildings can be found between those two cities.” Many of the buildings in Gyumri are sculpted, with arched windows and entrances. The buildings were mainly built of red tuff.

Talking walls – All you have to do is walk the streets of the city, admire the beauty of the buildings, read interesting ingenuities on the walls, visit the oldest hairdressing salon.

“Lifelong can be written about what to do in Gyumri, but the stories of other good places to visit I will introduce in my next visits.”


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