in Tavush


It is very often heard that in Dilijan, and not only there, there are no interests, and in the true sense of
the word they only go to sleep and come back. Probably one of the reasons I chose Dilijan. Northern bus
station, the cost of the minibus is 1500 AMD, the distance from Yerevan is 99 km, the travel time is 1
hour 30 minutes. The minibus started moving when all the seats found their way. However, on the way
to Sevan, it stopped when a man approached us. The driver ․ “There is a stool, do you want it?” The man
nodded and joined us.


First stop was the creative house of composers after Edward Mirzoyan, it is not difficult to get here, because as soon as you enter Dilijan, the billboards accompany you there. Even if you are not a musician, it will not hurt to visit once, here you can see apple trees planted by world-famous composers.
Talented painter Martiros Saryan also loved this place and often came to admire nature. As the employees said, Arno Babajanyan could be seen playing backgammon and picking Maya Plisetskaya mushrooms. You will not believe it, but Shostakovich wrote the music for the movie “Hamlet” right here. Aghasi Khanjyan’s summer house. Time is short, I’m hiking in Dilijan. I walk from the house of composers to the summer house of Aghasi Khanjyan. The distance was 6․5 km, no, I couldn’t walk that much at once, the last 2 km I traveled with the help of a car.
For me, one of the most beautiful places in Dilijan is Aghasi Khanjyan’s summer house, a beautiful building, although nothing remains of it year after year. There is no painted ceiling, walls, wooden
interior. Having been in a deplorable state for years has done its job.
King of the Forest tree. In the area of ​​the summer house there is also the famous King of the Forest tree. The head of the king is crowned with pines on the open pine. The storm subsides… The sea is calm again, the sea becomes as slippery as a mirror, the roar of boats can hardly be heard near the shores ․․․ yes, Poseidon’s political refuge is revealed, isn’t it?

King of the Forest

3 things to do in Dilijan

  • Eat corn, paying 500 drams you eat the most delicious corn in Armenia.
  • Photographed near the statue of the heroes of the movie “Mimino”. Almost everyone remembers “-Valik-jan. Here, in Dilijan, in the kitchen, you open a simple crane – water flows, the second place in the world՛՛ the phrase. Unfortunately, I could not drink water, in which case it would be risky to break the queue․
  • Backgammon master class with local grandparents.


“Caucasian Noble Deer Breeding Center” of “Dilijan” National Park. Moving forward, the most interesting and memorable episode of the day was visiting the noble deer. To get to the “Caucasian Deer Breeding Center” of “Dilijan” National Park, you pay 4000 AMD for a taxi ride from the central bus station, and 2 hours for a walk. Here you can see Caucasian deer. Admission is 250 AMD, do not forget to take apples with you, they just love it.

Cafe #2 is a beautiful place, right in front of the central bus station. If you sit outside, you will find yourself in the pool of a city park. All waiters are school-age children. I think a part of the income is
transferred for the needs of the local schools and educational system. Quite affordable, delicious, beautiful, be sure to try the “very chocolate” cake.


It was time to return to Yerevan, I had decided to stop a car. I stopped the first car that happened at the very entrance of the cafe with a big smile. Young, nice couple. The boy was a member of the Art of Survival Club. Throughout the whole journey to Yerevan, we talked about the club’s potential, where they teach skills that will help him survive in any situation. Only in Yerevan I felt that during the whole day walking for 10.5 km and discovering new feelings, I was exhausted.


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