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Jewelry making goes back to the dawn of time, right when humans learned to use their hands for crafts. For centuries, ancient jewelry has been sparking archeologists’ interests and up to this day, the interest we have towards this precious craft has faded a bit. If at first, jewelries were made out of pretty basic raw materials like bones, clay or wood, centuries of craftsmanship development brought us to an era of precious-stones-embellished silver and  gold jewelries. Jewelry was and will always remain a source of appeal and distinction, a symbol of power and social ranking of the person wearing them.

“Urme” or “Arme”

In ancient times, on top of it being an aesthetic representation, jewelries were also a vector of energetic forces. And it is no coincidence that, as a result of different rituals and amulets purpose, they were crafted out of very different types of raw materials. 

ORMĒ’s, ( or “Urme” or “Arme” ) foundational piece was inspired by a bronze bangle from the Urartian era, represented with snake-shaped heads, which can be found in the geological museum-gallery of Dilijan. 

ORMĒ was created with the mission of awakening the rich and forgotten layers of ancient history from an authentic and forward-looking design lens. Indeed, through this travel in ancient times, one has the opportunity to make a leap in forgotten roots and feed one’s own identity values.

According to archaeologists, the first trace of bracelets were found about 2.5 million years ago. In the ancient world, bracelets were used as symbols of courage and reward to warriors for battles’ victories.

Although nowadays, bracelets are seen as fashion statements, we must not forget that they also had a deeper meaning, one to protect and reinforce the owner’s character. Our ancestors believed that every part of a bracelet had a sacred and mystical meaning. 

Did you know that actually depending on which wrist you wear your bracelet, one can understand a lot about you? 

Wearing it on your left wrist is a personal statement of self-love, care, and your ability to receive energy. On the other hand, wearing it on your right wrist is a statement of action, control, power and the ability to give. So now it totally belongs to you as to which statement and message you want your bracelet to say to the world ! 

 ORME deifintiion Thousands of years ago, most peoples of the world called Armenians and the land of Armenians "Orme" or "Arme". Urartian inscriptions also testify to this.

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